Rush tagged as composer on Wayne Shorter's Speak No Evil

I’m pretty certain that Rush did not co-compose Witch Hunt on Speak No Evil. has the correct composer, so it must be the result of an incorrect merge with some other data (such as Rush’s “Witch Hunt”) in Roon’s master database. This stuff is hard, hard, hard, all automated record linking/deduplication I’m familiar with screw up in surprising ways. In this case, the giveaway for an algorithm would be that “Speak No Evil” was recorded in 1964, before Rush put out the song “Witch Hunt.”

Is there an approved or recommended method for me to correct the error?

Most recommended method is to copy @joel into the thread. He’ll “rush” to read it if you do.

Please don’t overdo the flagging: I read every post in the Metadata Issues sub-forum and if something is a straightforward fix, I’ll queue it up and ensure it’s actioned.

However, this one is tricky. Somewhere, someone has assigned bad composer info to the track…