Russian composer, Cyrillic characters?

As you can see in the image below, the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky was correctly recognized by Roon but it’s stored using Cyrillic characters that are hard to read to people like me (unfortunately) does not know the Cyrillic alphabet. Can I fix this?

The same disc contains two works by Stravinsky. Because for the first work (The Firebird Suite) is correctly displayed the title with the composer and then all the movements, while for the second (Le Sacre du Printemps), the composer is repeated in Cyrillic and European characters for each movement?

I too wish this was fixed. It has been a problem for some time.

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I too found this with igor Stravinsky. I don’t think I’d be happy typing Cyrillic into the search for that composer each time I wanted to find his works. Maybe some way to set preferred language as English? Pointless adding these Cyrillic names to the database if you cannot read or write the language. It is another reason I cancelled my trial. There is no easy way to deal with them.

Will 1.3 correct this issue I wonder?

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IMHO Roon is really impressive and revolutionary software for music, but on metadata, especially for classical music, there is still a lot of work.
However, I’ve done my subscription I hope in future releases there is some improvement

Better that Roon interprets the text correctly in Cyrillic than present a load of gobbledygook. If Roon could give an option to display a Latin transliteration for those who can’t read Cyrillic, I guess that would be the best compromise.