Ry Cooder Not Flaged MQA

As you can see from my screenshot. The signal path shows MQA but it’s not flaged.

Hello @Chrislayeruk,

Thanks for the report. I see this is a new release on Tidal, it may take a few days for Roon’s metadata engine to update with information like MQA.


Under TIDAL it’s now showing MQA, but not in my library.

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It’s there now.

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It’s there under TIDAL but my collect still lacks this information. Is that what you’d expect?

Hi Martin. Albums details don’t get updated immediately (yet); I’d expect it to be updated in your library in the next few days.


When added freshly now, it’s all good:

Like Joel says, I’ve found that albums I added to my library before Roon has performed MQA identification, it takes a few days for your library to update automatically (added Friday, updated Sunday or Monday).

Sit back, enjoy and marvel. :wink:


I just re identified the album and it came up MQA with a review and four stars.

Up-to-date over the weekend. :smile:

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This topic reminds me that I need to watch the rest of the Buena Vista Social Club documentary. :slight_smile:

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Still on iPlayer?

Unfortunately not. It expired on Sunday…