S2 Ultra not showing up

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core is running on Win10

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti Alien WiFi6 mesh

Connected Audio Devices

Various Sonos Players
Project S2 Ultra

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

The S2 used to be selectable as an audio output, but I haven’t used it in a while. Tried to use it today, but it’s not showing up.

I can see it using their app and the .local url. Upgraded firmware but still can’t see it in Roon.

Hi @Jim_Hong and welcome to the Roon forum. I assume that the S2 Ultra is connected via ethernet? Is that wired, or is there a wireless connection in the chain?

Also, if you’ve not used it in a while, is the device visible Roon under Settings->Audio where it might just need enabling again?

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Yes, it has a network connection. Two, in fact. I originally wired it via Ethernet, but have also configured it via WiFi.

That’s where I have been checking. It doesn’t show up there.

One’s probably safest for these purposes. I’d turn off the Wifi and just stick to wired for now. What’s the IP address of your core and the S2 Ultra?

@Jim_Hong, have you checked whether the option “Roon Ready” is (still) set in the administration interface of the Stream Box 2S Ultra, under “Settings → Sources”)?
If you have made a firmware update, it is possible that the settings have been reset. and respectively. They’re both wired on the same subnet, so not sure why that’s important?

Seems stupid but make sure you didn’t press the USB/PC button and it’s still on NET. I say this because it happened to me when I had the S2 Ultra and pressed that button by accident then the S2 Ultra disappeared from Roon Audio list.

I also had this “error” during the initial start-up… :slight_smile: Just a few days ago…

That’s all I was checking. Sounds like there are a few product owners offering help now. They’re better placed than me to help :slight_smile:

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The blue LED on the right of that button is OFF. The NET LED is lit. So I assume that’s not it?

After a power interruption the S2 may need to be “reset” by pressing the button on the far left of the front of the unit. Wait until the two blue LEDs on the front are both lit and then the S2 should appear in Roon.

Yes that’s the problem. See my previous post.

How long do you have to hold that button for? I held it down for what felt like a full minute and nothing happened until I RELEASED the button. Then the far left LED started blinking orange (which I believe means it rebooted). About a minute or two after that, the middle LED (NET) turned blue.

But the S2 still does not appear in the list of devices.

That’s where I’ve been looking, but it’s not showing up there.

i suggest that you try a full reboot: unplug the power, wait a minute, plug the power back in, briefly press the far left button and wait until both blue LEDs are lit. These little boxes can be quite finicky at times.

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Well, this is a problem a factory reset seemed to fix. :wink:


Good to hear. Enjoy the music!

Like I said, the S2 can be a bit finicky at times but luckily once you know what do it isn’t much of a problem to get it working again.

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