S7 Edge, with AudioQuest Red via OTG Cable into HD600s


First post.

Currently using DragonFly Red, connected to my Android/S7 Edge via a OTG Cable. Works great with USB Audio Prod, but not getting any Sound from Roon. What settings do I need to tweak to get it to place via DragonFly? I can get sound out of the S7, without USB OTG/DragonFly connected using Headphones Port, but nothing when using USB OTG/DragonFly connected via HD600 headphones.

Any help appreciated - also if you can identify the steps etc…that would save me time…have tried a lot of things, but wont work.

Thanks again.

I have been planning on testing that so you might be the first person to attempt to output to an external DAC connected to your phone. @mike might be able to weigh in with authority.

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Have tried Roon with a few Android Phones via micro-USB to OTG to Explorer 2 external DAC and all worked without too much issue

Have you correctly chosen the right Zone from within Roon??

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Thanks for the reply. I did get it working, I think issue is that i use USB Audio Pro since it allows above Androids 44 limitation and really makes DragonFly sound awesome… So… Had to play around with unplugging plugging it in so that USB Audio Pro would not take line. So far so good. I really like using it as a remote for my MacBook Pro… pretty cool.

Yeah, I also use USB Audio Pro for the same reason

USB Audio Pro usually asks to take over the DAC when you first insert the OTG cable into the micro USB on the phone…and that would be the time to disable it

You can also disable the 2nd option in USB Audio Pro settings called “Use USB DAC”

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Does your Dragonfly indicate what Sample Rate your S7 is outputting when using Roon??

Will Roon add functionality like USB Audio Pro? So you get the Highest BitRate, when Listening on Android? To be honest, I work from Home, and cant wait to use the my S7 Edge as the remote for my Mac connected to my Tube Amp :slight_smile: For last few hours, been listening via MacBook Pro/DragonFlyRed and HD600s… using S7 Edge as remote, just kind of wished the Mac would Mirror what I was listening too etc…not a big deal…since it will be across the room.

I will have to check. On Android, you dont have option to setup (like you do in Mac/Win…)… but my understanding is that Android is limited to 44 output, no matter what is thrown at it. Would be Nice if Room had more support for DAC/Amps (like usb audio pro).

Not sure what you mean by this…can you elaborate??

Very much depends on the Android device…some ROM’s are set up to bypass the Android OS limitation [which can very from 44 to 48 depending on Phone DAC and Rom]

e.g. a Note 3 that I use ALWAYS outputs 24/192 with ALL formats and all Music Player apps…except with USB Audio Pro, which as you know will always output the native format of the file being played

As you know, Roon will bypass the OS Mixer on your MBP and also any Windows PC to ensure that the native format of the file is output…I’m not sure if they plan similar functionality for the Roon Phone app as yet…strikes me as a bit of a nightmare, as there are so many different Phones and different ROM versions

Oh, just that it would Show same screen/song etc that I have on Android, and using Android as Remote for MAC/ZONE - so would be nice if they showed same Info on screen when you did that. HOpe that makes sense :slight_smile:

Switch the Roon Display on your MBP to the “Queue” / Now Playing display…and this will display the Song being played and what is due to come up in the queue etc…you can also display the Now Playing screen in Full Screen mode

Click the Now Playing section at the bottom of the regular Roon display to bring up the Now Playing / Queue display

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I will have to give that a Try, just got a 60 free trial for Roon with my DragonFly - are you monthly subscriber/Yearly/Life? Thoughts on it??

Have tried all the available Music Player apps for PC / Mac at one point in time or another…and IMHO Roon is by far and away the best for the combination of Sound Quality, range of Device Compatibility, apps for different devices and situations etc., etc

But most importantly, it is the richness of the Metadata and the way that it presents it to the more Nerdish of us Music lovers that appeals the most IMHO

Would encourage you to try Roon for a week or three…and then go back to iTunes / Pure Music / Audirvana / JRiver etc and try those again for a day or two…and that is when you will see the differences in Roon

Highly Recommended!!

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I tried it, but it still shows on MCP the last song I played on IT, and not what I am playing via my Android to it (as Macbook is a zone) - maybe I am doing something wrong. It plays the music that I pick on my Android on the MBP, but only shows it on Android, and only shows last song I played on MBP. Example. I am playing John Coltrain on my Android, to the MBP (as a zone) - but on MBP, it still shows my ACDC Impage and song…does not mirror what I select to play from Android, to MBP.

Assume the chain is MBP to USB connected DragonFly connected to HD600’s??

And that it’s the DragonFly Zone that is illustrated in the bottom right hand corner of your Roon display??

Hi - yes, usually - right now I was just trying it with Output to MBP Speakers, but the setup you describe is what i usually have - either way, if I am using Android as a remote to place music to MBP, it shows different on Android, and does not change Tracks on MBP, yet plays them - maybe I am doing something wrong.

Will have to check again on mine, but pretty sure it should work as described earlier

Have to catch some z’s now as early start in the morning…sorry

I’m sure there will be someone else along shortly that will lend a helping hand…I will check it tomorrow after work and report back here


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Each Roon client will show as “currently playing” whatever is playing on their chosen Audio Device zone. If your Mac and your S7 both have the same DAC as the chosen audio zone, then the now playing will change.

There can be the case where you have 2 audio zones on your Mac, say a DAC and System Output. If you use the Mac client to play AC/DC and send the output to the System Ouput, then if your S7 has the DAC zone selected then nothing would change because the audio is going through the other zone.

So you should double check that the client on the Mac and the S7 have the same audio zone selected. If so the Now Playing section at the bottom should change appropriately. However, the main screen does not change as they are separate clients.

I hope that helps.


Thankso. I tried doing this, but same result. If I have rooney bridge and server running would that be the cause?