Samantha Fish - Kill or be Kind

There is something screwy going on with the metadata for the subject album. I just got this album as a digital download from ProStudioMasters. Roon listed it as “Unidentified”. When I initiated a search I got no results. I eventually tried searching on just Samantha Fish leaving the Album field blank. This brought up a list of all of Samantha’s albums and down near the bottom I found Kill or be Kind. First question is why did a search with the correct album title fail to produce any results?

Second issue is that there are two metadata versions to select from: digital download or CD version. The CD version has the correct tracks in the correct order - the digital download version has incorrect track titles and the track order is incorrect as well.

Hi @Gerald_Schrader,

Can you share screenshots of what you’re seeing here? When you search, what results are you seeing?

Can you share screenshots of this as well? Is there a reason to not select the CD version for this album?

Here’s what happens when I try to identify the album:

When I remove the album title from the search and only search on the artist, I get this listing, which does include the correct album (note that I’ve scrolled this screen down so that you can see the correct album listing, which is near the bottom):

This image shows you the problem with the metadata for the digital download version - track 1 is hosed and it won’t let you fix it:

Here is the image for the CD version - it has the correct track listings. I have no problem at all using the CD version, I am only mentioning the problem with the digital download version in the hopes that you can fix it:

Hi @Gerald_Schrader,

Thanks for the screenshots. I’ve passed this along to the team for further investigation.

Thanks for reminding me of Samantha Fish. Kill or be Kind is in MQA so I’ll give that a listen

Best buy it while you still can.

I find this to be an ongoing issue with new releases. I imagine it’s a Rovi issue and I do typically have to search to find the album. At least it’s out there!

I have trouble with Roon not having any info on a lot of 2xHD label releases (mostly jazz and blues stuff).