Same artist appears twice under slightly different names

Core on Windows 10. iPad remote.

Correct Artist, Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Album, Golden Butter:The Best of Paul Butterfield.

The ROON core on Windows 10 correctly shows Artist, Paul Butterfield Blues Band containing 1 album Golden Butter:The best of Paul Butterfield. (Correctly)

iPad remote shows Paul Butterfield Blues Band containing 1 album Golden Butter:The best of Paul Butterfield, AND the artist Paul Butterfield (as a solo artist) containing the same album Golden Butter:The best of Paul Butterfield.
Have restarted ROON core and deleted and reinstalled the app ROON remote on the iPad. iPad still shows this artist twice one as solo (incorrect) and one as the group (correct).

Another artist has exactly the same issue.
The correct artist is : Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, album “I learned the hard way”

ROON core on Windows 10 is correct and displays the artist correctly.
iPad however shows both the group Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings as well as Sharon Jones (as a solo artist). Both Artists contain the same album.

Why would the CORE display one artist correctly BUT the iPad remote, display the duplicated similar artist notations as separate artists? I have tried editing the metadata but cannot seem to fix this on my iPad.

Any thoughts?

Thanks Howard


It might be a caching glitch on the iPad app, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling.

Hi Carl

I have attempted that as I noted. But it does not help. It is seemingly pulling info from somewhere and the artist and the artist and group are seen as different artists. I thought by editing metadata as file only it would solve the problem. But info from ROON database may be overriding. Is there a way to only pull data from the embedded metadata?
Although I thought that ROON remote is only getting data directly from ROON core which makes this a very odd situation.
Thanks. Howard

Hi Howard,

Under Settings > General do you have Show Hidden Albums set to Yes on the iPad and No on the Windows machine?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg
Your suggestion was in the right area.

Options General Sort

What causes the issue is the Sort By artist option.

  • Artist sort by last name results in the described duplications.
  • Artist sort by first name results in only the one full group name artist displaying.

iPad was artist sort by last name

@support this an error in the sort logic or is it expected?

Thanks Howard.

Hi Howard,

Do you actually have two copies of the Paul Butterfield album? If so, Roon may have identified them differently. You could Edit the album and click Identify and see which version of the album Roon is using.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg

Only one copy of the album.

It identifies without a pic. Says this is the metadata its using.

Thanks for the report @Howard_Ipp. This mostly sounds like what I would expect.

Sorting is set independently on each device, so if all your devices are sorting by first name, Paul Butterfield and The Paul Butterfield Blues Band will both sort to P, since Roon always ignores “The” when sorting.

If one of your devices is set to sort by last name, Paul is going to move to B but the band is still going to be at P, since bands don’t have last names (meaning, Rolling Stones won’t sort to “Stones” either).

Golden Butter has a Primary Artist credit for both Paul Butterfield and The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, so I would expect it to appear in both places.

This is similar to how Roon would handle, say, Ella and Louis, which shows up on both Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s pages, as opposed to creating a new (and non-existent) artist called Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong like you might see in other apps.

Generally speaking, it sounds like Roon is doing the right thing here, but let me know if I’ve misunderstood something. Thanks!

Hi Mike,

Using @Howard_Ipp example of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, if I have Artist sorted by Last Name, should we expect the following album to show up under Jones and Sharon in Album View? That’s not what I’m seeing.

It shows in Album View under Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, but not under Jones. So, I’m not seeing it in both locations.

If I select each artist using the hyperlinks, the album shows under both.

I’m I misunderstanding this?

Howard, is this what you see?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg and Mike
I never noticed the 2 separate artists in the album view. The Paul Butterfield displays similarly. AND that is exactly what I see on my system.

I had noticed this only in artist view, when sorted by last name, that the “2” artists would show up each containing the same album. These artists being Sharon Jones and Sharon Jones and the Deptones, and Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Paul Butterfield.

I read Mike’s explanation of how ROON indexes the artists and I found the “other” artists in their alpha positions when sorting by last name. Would never have noticed the duplicates in that situation.

It is a different approach and it has some merit. I assume then that a Dion and the Belmonts album will have 2 artists, solo and group. Or Paul Mcartney and Wings and Wings
Also does it count as 2 artists adding 2 to the total of artists in the overview?

May be worth building an option of defining the name of a group and/or artist by album exactly or with alternatives. Or not🙂

A very complex indexing and sorting system indeed! ROON has been carefully thought through.

Thank you Greg and Mike for the explanation.


Thanks for the info Howard.

It looks like the software is functioning as expected. I would assume that your example would count as 2 artists in the overview. Maybe Mike could confirm.

Cheers, Greg