Same Core Database Library, Multiple Machines

Hi all, apologies if this has been covered already…

I would like to be able to store my entire Roon Library on an external SSD which i transport between home and work - the idea being I can use the same library on both machines so my playlists etc are carried between, I don’t want to manage 2 libraries. Is this possible? If not can I make a feature request?

Thanks a lot

p.s. I realise I could make a “backup” and restore each day - but this is not ideal, I would much prefer to just hot plug the SSD with the complete library database.

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Hello @rom,

At this time it is not possible to “hot swap” the Roon database because the Roon Database has to reside on your system drive. Backups and restoring are the only way to ensure that the database remains consistent between two separate devices.

This is something that we’ve looked into the past and we know that user’s often request this capability but this is a feature that we don’t have at the moment. If you wish to have this topic discussed further, you can most certainly provide your feedback here: Hope this helps!