Same issue, different user: What is preferred practice?

In the interest of making your lives easier and keeping the forums tidy, what is the preferred practice for reporting an issue when the same issue has been reported by another user?
Is it better to create a new thread with my specific details or to reply to a currently existing thread?

Thanks for all you do.

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If it’s a general problem, like non gapless qobuz, then adding on is fine. If it could be specific then open a new thread is my interpretation of the general way of working


Hi @Placebophile,

Good advice from @ged_hickman1, but if in any doubt create an new topic … the Roon guys will merge if they see fit.


I’m inclined to agree but I noticed recently support asking for new tickets within a thread.
But it’s quite possible there were other variables I didn’t catch.

Edit: Replied before I saw your post @Carl :sweat_smile:

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