Same music plays simultaneously in 2 zones although roon remote says no zones are grouped together

Hi @roonsupport @support
My system is Roon Nucleus Plus played via Sonos in five zones using Roon Remote on Windows 10 PC, One Plus android phone and Amazon Fire 10 tablet.

Recently I grouped two zones together - Living Room and Conservatory - to listen to some music. When finished I ungrouped them. Now I find that if I listen to anything in the living room it still plays in the conservatory, even though the Roon remote tells me that no group exists, and that these two zones cannot be grouped together. The Living Room has a Sonos Port and the Conservatory has 2 Sonos Play:1s.

Can you help, please?

Thanks, Peter.

Ungroup them in the sonos app. Sometimes sonos doesn’t report back to roon properly


Thanks ged_hickman1. You were right, I don’t know why I didn’t think to check that - it seems so obvious now.

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Experience of mine doing it very occasionally. Network glitch and a dropped command I think.

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