Same old problem

Although I see this has been a problem for quite some time, I want to share my experience. I had a year subscription to Roon but, had so many problems and didn’t like the structure of my music files, I decided not to renew. Fast forward to today, I received an offer to re-subscribe because now “folders” have been added which is great, however, the problem of “Roon lost control of audio device” when trying to play through Sonos speakers persist and this is one of the issues I found quite annoying and one of the reasons why I stopped using Roon in the past. Why is it that this issue has not been resolved after so many years?

You post was in Uncategorized and someone moved it to Roon Software Discussion for discussion. If you intend this as feedback, you may want it moved to Feedback. If you want support for the Sonos issue, it would be better if you opened a new topic in Support because this will collect some more information.

As far as I know, this seems to occur with the Sonos protocol (I dunno why, might be networking issues) and many people seem to simply have switched to AirPlay instead.


Add to Suedkiez’s reply. More than likely it’s Sonos’ end not Roon. I found out because I’ve had different generation of Sonos over the years.

The Generation1 kept having disconnection issue that I’ve ended up retiring it. The newer ones at other locations in the house runs flawlessly. So I’ll keep using them till they konked-out, like Gen.1 and kick them to the curb after; no more Sonos.

Planning to upgrade and use something else less proprietary and cheaper but still sounds good like Wiim products. As I’ve tried one in the kitchen to replace the Gen.1 and it’s awesome with Roon…smooth!

So that’s one way solving your problem. Or maybe upgrade your network but I’ve doubt that’s the problem.