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Hi. I get recommended the SAME music again and again after playing certain songs. This has been an issue for years. It doesn’t matter if I was signed with Tidal or Qobuz or with both. I also moved all my library to Qobuz from Tidal to see if it will do the same. And it does. I can predict what will be played if I put a certain song on. I feel like Roon is having the time of his/her/their life, but I definitely do not. I am so annoyed, that I will purchase a Bluesound streamer and I will never look back at Roon.

Why does it want to play Flowers (demo version) every time after a Miley Cyrus song, and remixes after Taylor Swift? I HATE remixes. I always tell Roon I don’t like this track. Yet, a few songs later after even skipping them, I hear them again. In Tidal native app, you can block a song or artist, in the more advanced “music management” program you hear the same again and again and… guess what… again. :sweat_smile: Other users were complaining about this years ago. And what did we get in exchange? New versions which have the same issue. Also it would be nice to see the recommended track by Roon radio on the Now playing screen too rather than only in Queue.

May I know if the algorithm is something being reworked in a future release?


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That’s quite a statement! But what will you achieve by following through? Satisfaction? Happiness?

I wish you well

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