Same Sonic Transporter, new 4 TB internal drive

Upgraded my Sonic Transporter i5 internal drive from 2 to 4 TB and Andrew copied my files from old to new drive. When it comes back do I just plug it in and expect Roon to act as before without any further steps by me? It doesn’t seem I’d need to transfer my Core since it’s the same device just a bigger drive. Do I need to copy over anything re. my Core backups? I’m sorry if this sounds stupid but I’m not an IT expert by any means.

First let me say that I don’t know the answer. On the first point, if Roon does to recognise the endpoint it will simply say you have no more authorisations and ask if you want to unauthorised the old one. Click yes and you will be back in business. They have implemented that so well. On the backups, best to review your backups anyway and check that it is working and check for a couple of days and that the backups are being generated. In fact, you have reminded me to go and check mine.