Sample rate conversion in signal path but I didn't use Muse

I see all play I see sample rate
but its disable on muse
why I see it ?
I use Roon ready

I believe that Roon is reporting what is happening in your DAC.

I am using Roon Ready.

Do I need this sample?
Can I disable it?


No. It’s what the Cambridge audio dac is doing, upsampling internally. You’d have to buy a different device that doesn’t upsample if you want different behaviour.


As others have said, the upsampling is happening after RAAT which means this is on the device itself and nothing to do with Roon. All the CXN series upsample internally to get the best out of the Wollfson DAC inside it is not controllable, obviously Roon relays this back to the user as that’s how RAAT works it’s being transparent to what the signal path is. CA’s own app won’t show you what’s happening but if you read any docs on the device it clearly states it upsamples all input to 384/24 if using its inbuilt dac.

If your using it’s digital outs to another outboard DAC then this is just a false positive and can be ignored as all outputs on the device are active all the time and Roon has no way to know which you are using it doesn’t feed back to tell Roon, so it will assume it’s using the internal DAC and upsampling.

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