Sample Rate Conversion of 88.2 Files? [Solved]

I have read all of the relevant threads on this, yet I’m still having a problem here. For some reason, my 88.2 and 177.4 files are being down sampled via “sample rate conversion” to 44.1 to “maintain compatibility with my audio hardware”. I have a Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 that displays sample rates. When I used my Squeezebox Touch, to play these files, it displays 88.2.

I have Roon running on a Mac Mini, controlled remotely with a MacBook Pro. Settings are as follows:
System Output–disabled
W4S 24/96 USB Interface set to Exclusive with Integer Mode and Force Max Volume.

I have tried playing music without Exclusive and Integer and Max Volume, but it does the same thing.

I have also tried enabling the System Output, which doesn’t make a difference.

I have gone into MIDI settings and set and reset them–no change.

I have disconnected and reconnected the USB cable–no difference.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


I don’t think the DAC-1 can output 88.2 or 177.4 over USB. I could be wrong but I think there is one output that doesn’t work for 88 files.

You may be right. I looked at the manual, and it says the USB input can do “up to 24/96”. It makes no mention of 88.4. Also, my Squeezebox was connected to the DAC via coax. Maybe that input allows 88.4, but the USB doesn’t?

This could be all the more reason for me to upgrade my DAC-1 to LE! (As long as the LE upgrade will allow 88.4 and 177.4).

Thanks for the input, JBNY!