Sample rate conversion or not when no DSD?

Hello ,
I do not have DSD files and my DAC is not DSD compatible anyway.
Should I enabled or disable the sample rate option ?
If it’s enabled which settings should I choose ?
Now I’m enable / for compatibility only / smooth minimum phase.

Thanks for your advices :wink:

It would be helpful to give a little more information so you can get the right advice.
Where are you making these settings?
What is the DAC and if you know it, what is it’s maximal sample rate.

Hi Scott,
Settings from the DSP menu in Roon’s app :wink:
In this menu, question is should I enabled or disabled the sample rate conversion option.
And if it’s enabled, which settings should I choose ?
System : server SonicTransporter , streamer Metrum Ambre, dac Aqua Acoustic La Voce S2. Maximal sample rate 24bit/192KHz .

I would enable Max sample rate (PCM) to 192 and Max bits per sample (PCM) to 24. This is set in Device settings.
It sounds like the setting in DSP won’t be necessary if you don’t have any DSDs. But it would be fine to set this to ‘Max Sample Rate’, or ‘For Compatibility Only’ in the Sample Rate Conversion of DSP.
I have this turned off for my DAC. My MSB DAC tends to do a better job of doing the conversions internally than Roon does. You have a very nice system, so you can play with it a bit and see if you have a preference. I find these things to be really subtle.

Ok so right now it’s enabled, and it’s on for compatibility only, and for the filter it’s on smooth minimum phase.
I was just wondering if regarding my R2R dac I should just disabled this option or not ?