Sample rate conversion question

Hi guys, I have the same question. Did support ever confirmed if phase filters are off when SRC is off?

Hi @Eddie_Hsu,

You should be able to see what is all enabled by looking at the Signal Path. If you have any questions can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the Signal Path and we can help?


Eddie likely is asking about convolution filters that were sample rate converted for compatibility purposes. Whether by design or accident, Roon used a minimum phase digital filter in sample rate conversion that disrupted linear phase response of some convolution filters.


Hi @dylan;
I did not realise my question became a new topic as I was commenting on earlier posts regarding my concern. Music pauses for a second if I change the phase filter ALTHOUGH I have sample rate conversion off. Signal path confirmed that there is no sample rate conversion happening so I wonder why music pauses when I switch phase filter. No point showing a screen shot because there is nothing to show. Is phase filter still working in the background even if sample rate conversion is off?

thanks for your help but I am not sure what is convolution filter. Is that what I am experiencing?

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