Samplerate on a DAP


I’ve got a question. I’m listening through my DAP (FiiO M11+ ess - Android 10) and a wired IEM. Sometimes ARC shows me a sample rate of 48 khz (which is the Android standard), sometimes a rate of 384 khz without me having changed a setting. What can be the reason?


Its a quirk of the underlying Android audio system Roon relies on, currently its not bit perfect as it assumes the device is using the native Android Audio path, where these DAP’s use custom OS to bypass this. Roon isnt aware of this and will resample to a frequency that Android Audio reports the the DAC supports, usually its a fixed rate of 48/24 but in some cases it will report higher or lower. My Hiby only foes to 44.1/24 and resamples everything above it down. The reasons it changes are complicated and differs from DAP to DAP mine never changes at all some users report Fiio’s are always 192/24. I think it boils down to the workarounds these DAPS use and it tends to confuse the native Android Audio path which Roon relies on. It can change for instance if you use the native Fiio’s player and the last thing played was 384/24 it would then stick and Roon gets this info from Android. Until Roon decides to move away from their reliance on AA stack this is not going away. They are actively working on it though, native rate support for USB DAC’s are the first bit likely to see the light of day as they are in the current Early release programme for testing.