Sampling DSD to PCM with latest Roon

One thought for future releases.
I use HQP still to sample DSD to PCM. HQP does this from DSD direct to PCM 176.4.
Roon still samples to PCM 305 and then down to 176.

HQP can translate DSD on the fly bitperfect to PCM, without up and then downsampling.
Its not a big thing, but i have to continue to use HQP until Roon does the same.
I use HQP to feed the Yggy with PCM derived from DSD.

Can it or does it just not display it conveniently for you to get obsessive about? (As we all have a tendency to do! :wink:) It stands to reason that if it can do one step bit perfectly it can do two steps. The second step doesn’t suddenly become not bit perfect.

Also, unless you are talking about a DSD to DoP conversion (which Roon will also do if you want), I’m fairly sure HQPlayer’s DSD to 176k PCM conversion won’t be “bit perfect” either.

Thanks for your opinion.

Obsessivity is kind of an insult.
I think that is none of your business.

It wasn’t intended to be and I genuinely apologise if that is the way you saw my comment. However there is a serious point in there. Is the way HQPlayer really a one step process?

That point, as I stated is not imortant to me.
But yes, it is a one step process if you use HQP.