Samsung MultiRoom Speakers

I had a bit of a rummage and didn’t see anything out there on this one. But has any work been done to get Roon speaking to Samsung’s range of wireless speakers.

I have a couple of m5’s which prior to roon were controlled using Samsung’s multi room app. As this has become increasingly flaky I’ve been using Bluetooth more often instead of the app.

It would be wonderful to make these units work as part of my roon setup rather than throwing them out and replacing with sonos or the likes.

I’d try using either a Chromecast audio if you can find it or using a raspberry pi with a hat if you have an input on the speakers.

No input on the speakers. They are wifi or Bluetooth only. Or yes, I’d have gone down the chromecast route :slight_smile:

Just seems a waste of a nice sounding wireless speaker.

I have a HW 950 soundbar with a R1 speaker. They work only WiFi and not too good at that. The soundbar can take Bluetooth I put but not in Multiroom mode (plus HDMI, optical, aux etc)

The MultiRoom app is pretty primitive but works.

Big BUT that they requires DLNA to function which for Roon is a long declared No No

I am not sure how the wi fi works but it seems to be a soundbar generated WiFi specific to itself and it’s own satellite speakers, it doesn’t show as a wi fi source on my iPad for example

I had great difficulty finding additional speakers , even Samsung told me they weren’t available

I use JRiver to provide dlna for this application with a Cambridge Audio CXN via Aux to the soundbar for Roon , AirPlay alas …

Depressing eh !