Samsung Smart TV App as Display for Roon

Would be amazing to have a native Roon Control on samsung smart tv (tizen). Imagine a big screen and the beautiful roon app on it controlling the music. Since Plex and Tidal are also available on Tizen TV’s this should be possible with less effort?

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I have a cheap, tiny pc running roon control/player with the video being fed via HDMI to a Samsung TV in the living room. It looks awesome. I can control it with a bluetooth mouse/keyboard or better yet my tablet.

Thats exactly what I was thinking… I just don’t want to put my massive QNAP NAS next to my TV. Would be amazing if there would be a Tizen app for the TV. I am going old school, prefer to use just one input device in that case my remote control.

Similar to the Apple TV App as Display… just native under Samsung Smart TV.