Samsung tablet, OTG, IFI Dac

I want to use an Android tablet as a Roon endpoint connected with an OTG cable to an IFI Hip Dac, but Roon doesn’t see the DAC, only the tablet and HIRES music is downsampling. Any advice or it is impossible to get the output from the tablet to the DAC that Roon will recognize?

Sadly, this does not work. Only solution I know of for an Andriod Tablet is to use USB Audio Player PRO (well worth the cost). This app can even do MQA Core Decoding (with the optional MQA in-app purchase), which should enable your HIp DAC to do MQA rendering, if that matters to you. The app can stream from TIDAL and even access files from a shared drive (NAS) on your home network. Sadly, it lacks the rest of Roon’s features, but it’s the only way I know to play in a bit-perfect way to a USB DAC on Andriod.

Other option is to buy an iPad. These do support bit-perfect playback from Roon Remote.

However, the best solution is to use your tablet purely as a remote and use a dedicated output device, like a Raspberry Pi.

Not possible on Android as Roon does not recognise DACs It will pass music through the DAC but the OS is controlling it not Roon. It won’t be bit perfect due to androids system audio and the way Roon interacts with it. You will get a max of 48/24 most likely in this scenario to.

Thanks for the reply, I installed USB Audio Player PRO and despite the complicated setup of many of the required options, it works flawlessly, including MQA … unfortunately, it doesn’t have all the ROON functionality so it will serve as a backup option for a trip if we can ever do it again travel … :slight_smile: I’ve never used Raspberry Pi until now, I only read about the platform along the way … if you have a recommended configuration or webshop, I’d love to take a look … thanks anyway

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thanks, after a whole day of experimenting, I can confirm … :slight_smile:

Due to these allegations about RAAT outputs on the ROON website, I thought it was possible:

It enables you to play your Roon music to:

  1. Roon Ready hardware devices

  1. Audio outputs and USB DACs connected to Android devices running Roon Remote.

It still plays via RAAT and will output to DACs however Roon cannot change the architecture of the operating system it runs on. iOS also does not show connected DACs but unlike Android they do pass bit perfect output for the whole.

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Here’s what I recommended to someone else with a similar question:

For the USB cable, I don’t think you need anything very fancy to get great results. If you want something that looks nice, the Pangea is a good way to go:

For the O/S, my current favorite is VitOS. I’m a little concerned that there have been no updates in the past year, but it’s been solid, so no major worries. Best sounding of the Roon Bridge options I’ve tried so far (and I’ve tried a bunch).

Don’t hesitate to PM me if you have questions about getting this stuff going.

ok, i ordered an Apple Lighting To Camera adapter, so I can then use an iPhone with a DAC … thanks

so it’s a whole new world for me, thank you … I’ll study in detail … thank you again

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