Sanity check on MusicBrainz entry…

Having added the Naxos release Lopes-Graça: Canções Portuguesas to my library from Tidal, some anomalous composition information sent me down the MusicBrainz rabbit hole…

The album is identified, and the MusicBrainz data aligns with the Tidal files, but both are at odds with the track listing on the Naxos website. I now have a MusicBrainz account - but the existing structure seems very wrong, and I really don’t want to make things worse…

Is there an experienced MusicBrainz user willing to take a look and give me a sanity check?

MusicBrainz link…

Naxos link…

If it’s the complete pigs ear I suspect, it might be best left to someone that knows what they’re doing…

Whats the problem ?

Both albums have 22 tracks, and they seem to be the same tracks. Track lengths are same within a tolerance of 1 second.

MusicBrainz shows the work as part of the title, whereas Naxos groups the tracks by work. (MusicBrainz can also has a Work entity that can show movements within works but that hasnt been done here and is not part of the release view anyway)

Naxos has some English translations of some titles/works, MusicBrainz does not.

But I cannot see much else different, I wouldn’t say either is wrong.

Hi Paul. Thanks for looking.

The eight Christmas cantatas are numbered 1-8, where the Naxos (correctly, I assume, as it also describes them as excerpts) lists them as 3,4,7,10,13,16,18,19.

There are two groups of three ‘Canções regionais portuguesas’, each numbered 1-3. Naxos lists them as from several different ‘series’ and gives them unique series identification numbers.

The Canções regionais portuguesas misnumbering seems to cause Roon to identify both as the same composition - which is what I first noticed. Thinking it looked odd, off I went to MusicBrainz… and down the rabbit hole!

The MusicBrainz data actually reflects what’s on the back cover of the cd (there’s a pdf on the Naxos site), something I subsequently noticed on another Naxos release of Elliott Carter string quartets.

I am confused…

Since the numbers are not shown on the back cover for the eight Christmas cantatas , but they are different on front then that seems to be an error that could easily be corrected within MusicBrainz.

There is a difference between the MusicBrainz database itself and data extracted from the database by tools such as Roon. So perhaps because the Canções regionais portuguesas work part of the title is the same that is confusing Roon, but that would seem to be a roon bug since the movement part of the track titles is different

But Roon could perhaps be helped by adding underlying work entities and linking tracks to them, but that is a non trivial task.

For more expert reply I would recommend posting on the MusicBrainz Classical forum

I will think hard before going further down the rabbit hole…

… perhaps shows that ‘fixing’ Canções regionais portuguesas is as you suggest non-trivial.

The classical style guides also recommend following the back cover, rather than any insert, so I may be off-piste anyway.

Nah. I can’t reconcile how Naxos have chosen to represent the content on the back cover with the actual source material; for example there are actually 24 Canções regionais portuguesas série, with selections taken from série 9 and 10 for the first group of three, and from série 5 and 10 for the second group of three.

I’m going to leave well enough alone for now; I will post in the MusicBrainz classical forum if I can think of a concise way of expressing my thoughts…


Opted to edit in Roon instead - MusicBrainz is outside of my skillset/patience for the required changes!

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