Saskia Griffiths-Moore unidentified

She’s admittedly not that famous (yet), but she’s my favorite singer and it’s mildly annoying to me that Roon doesn’t identify her…

How can I go about trying to get these albums to be identified? Roon doesn’t identify them even with manual search…

Edit: Ok I think I see what is going on here. Musicbrainz only has one of about 8 albums listed, Allmusic has none. Discogs has two but if I understand correctly Roon does not use that as a metadata source. So is it up to the artist to submit more of their information to these sites? Or what can be done?

Hey @Occamsrazor,

Generally, if you can find an album on AllMusic or MusicBrainz, we will have metadata for that album. If you’re unable to find information on those sites then unfortunately we will likely not have any metadata and the albums will not be able to be identified by Roon.

One option here is to enter information for the albums we don’t have information for into MusicBrainz. Please keep in mind that this will not instantly reflect in your Roon library as it will take some time for Roon to pick up this new information from MusicBrainz.


Thanks for the explanation of how things work, appreciated.

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