Savant integration

Great news to see that you are moving to Home Automation integration. Are there plans to expand this beyond Crestron and Control4? As a dealer of Savant’s home automation products, I’m of course especially interested in integration with that. It would be wonderful to see the best interface for home automation and the best interface for music playback and distribution combined…

You should push Savant to do this. They do all their own integrations.


Hi Danny, thank you for your response. I have pushed Savant, and definitely will continue to do so. In my expericience, it just never hurts to push from both sides, :slight_smile:.

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It Would be wonderful to see two way integration with RTI Control as well.

To Peter’s point I just got a new savant system and installed Roon Server running on a Mac mini in my rack. Full integration would be nice as you can’t control the volume from the Roon app.