Save DSD to PCM converted output

I really like the DSD to PCM conversion in Roon. I have a 192Khz PCM DAC and I’ve been listening to dsf files converted and downsampled on the fly and enjoying the results. Since the 176.2Khz output is so good, I can’t see any point to keeping the original iso/dsf files on my NAS. It would be great if there was a way to save the output to a file permanently.

Or alternatively, are there any existing tools that can do file-based DSD to PCM which use the same conversion algorithm as Roon?


Why would you want to go through the time doing this?

Size wise there will not be a major difference and sonically probably none at all.

Roon converts the files on the fly and they sound perfect to you so I would leave them as they are. Maybe in the future you will get a DAC that decodes DSD.

I use dbpoweramp for all my ripping, converting, etc… They also have a codec that converts DSD to eg. FLAC.

Another issue is suppose Roon introduces a conversion algorithm that’s better? Once you delete the originals you can’t go back.

Witness those poor souls who ripped everything to MP3. Once they upgraded their systems they had to rip everything again to lossless to take advantage of the better quality.

I’ve relatively a lot of SACDs and any ISO rips and DSF files I have I would definitely keep!