Save DSP settings to file, for restore to other zones [Implemented]

At times I do a bit of swapping around and experimenting with sources.

A really nice convenience would be the ability to save DSP settings globally, so that the same settings can be imported into another zone. For example, if I’ve got one source setup with convolution, headroom, PEQs, and speaker settings - and then switch in new hardware - I have to set it all up from scratch again for the new hardware. Would be great to be able to restore from file, or even the ability to make settings global. Creating from scratch isn’t as quick as you’d think, especially the PEQs.

Not sure if this is common enough use case for anyone else… be interesting to see if it’s just me.

Storage and restoration of these items, individually or in ensembles, across zones sounds like a very useful function.

Im sure you can save the whole DSP under save in DSP presets (top left of dsp engine screen) and then load it or any other you have saved

You can also save the parametric setup independent of the save DSP by using the EQ presets in the parametric section and load that into any DSP preset

OMG I just assumed this wasn’t possible!! I just checked and sure enough this can already be done - I just made the assumption the saved DSP settings were stored against the zone they were made with and were invisible to the rest. No idea why.

Embarrassed. :zipper_mouth_face: And relieved.

Thanks Rodney.

If Roon need my address for posting the stupid award, just PM me. That said it’s probably already on file from the previous awards.