Save Grouped Zones

Do it. Please.

Hi All,
One great feature that would be interested to place in the roadmap, is the ability to get an audio device both in groups and standalone.
Coming from my personal usage, during my working time, I’m listening in my office room on a specific pair of speakers, and after work I listen my music in multiroom including the living room, with many combinations of grouped speakers or standalone.
What is cumbersome is that I have to group and ungroup my set of speakers all the time…
That takes time and such experience is bad, you loose sometimes the synchro settings if you do that which is very annoying. If you don’t want to group / ungroup you can play with sound level, setting some at zero, but if someone move a speaker by shutting it off, it stops all the music.
Very bad experience !!!
So I suggest the ability to create many groups of different kinds, keeping it’s own configuration, so the user can move from one to another or to a standalone speaker.
That would be so great !
Thanks for feedback about that
Best regards


I’m going to move your suggestion into the already existing thread on this topic. Don’t forget to vote for it by using the Vote button at the top of the thread.

Yes, the zone manager will be very very useful