Save Roon radio selection

If i start a Roon radio station based on an artist , can I save that selection for future use?

It would just be like having random playlist based on the starting artist.

If you take a look at your queue (scroll up to see what has played), you can select the tracks that you want, click the 3dots icon and click Add To Playlist.

I hope this is answering your question?

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Hi @Phil_Ryan,

Dirk is correct — You can navigate to the Queue and scroll up to see queue history. You can select the desired tracks and make a playlist with the 3-dots menu.

If you have any questions about this please let us know!

Hi I can see you can create a playlist however as Roon dynamically selects the tacks based on your first selection and Roon has the code to do this, I was thinking if you could save a first starting artist then Roon would play a different selection every time.

A bit lazy I know but as an Apple Music user we quite often use the today’s chill playlist that changes every few days.

At the moment I,ve imported the playlist from Apple Music to tidal, where I now go to that playlist in Roon select an artist then get Roon to start radio.

The result being I get a different version based on the same genre every time I use it.

This means I could build different radios based on different artists.

Unless I can achieve this a different way, sorry I’m a new user on a 2 week trail seeing if I can replicate the Apple Music playlists we enjoy using in Roon and Tidal, can’t say we like the Tidal playlist hence the Roon trial to integrate my node 2i and Sonos speakers if required.

As a trial, I’ve created a Tidal playlist with a number of different artist and synced it to Roon.

From here I can select the playlist select the artist I want to base on, then select radio, granted I can’t call them chill out etc but I know the artist types

Hi @Phil_Ryan,

You might want to look into using Focus, Tags, and bookmarks. You can use Focus to select specific types of content and then you can start Radio playback from an artist / album in that selection. You can use Tags and Bookmarks to save those selections.

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