Saved filter: keyboard pops up

i have stored a bookmark that filters for ‚various artists‘.
every time i select this bookmark the keyboard pops up.
but there is already the text in the field.
also when i go back from a selected album the keyboard pops up again.
the keyboard is only needed the first time a text is entered.
if i want to change the filter i could select the input field.
i tried the focus but got not the same result.
there are some albums missing and i have not found what’s the reason until now.
is there a way to get rid of this keyboard?
i use roon version 1.7 build 528 on ipad os 13.4 and a mac mini with ubuntu server 18.04.4.

Hi @Gunter_Strubreiter,

We have a ticket open for this with our team. I can’t say for sure when a change will be made here, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated when we have more information.


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hi dylan,
how is state of the ticket?
it is now more annoying because after viewing an album and returning back to the filtered list it starts always at the beginning of the list.
this makes it unusable.
kr günter

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