Saving Music Files to Nucleus

I simply want to know how to save my music files to the nucleus solid state hard drive.
Currently I am running all my files located on a 2 terabyte hard drive connected to the nucleus (everything is working fine). however I want to move them to the internal storage of the nucleus…simple directions, the info I am reading are not intuitive at all…any thoughts?

so you have installed a drive into the Nucleus? if not then the Nucleus has no drive available for music files…only the boot drive which is for booting and database files only.

Yes. I purchased the Nucleus with a 4 gig solid state hard drive already installed. The Nucleus recognized my external hard drive but there was never an option to move all of the music files into the Nucleus. That’s what I would like to do now.

There is no “Copy” function in the Nucleus to copy music files and folders from an attached USB drive to the internal storage drive.

These have to be copied over the network from a Windows PC (using Windows File Explorer) or a Mac (using the Finder). See the section on copying files to the Nucleus in the Help article referred to by @wizardofoz above.

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As another note. The internal storage drive cannot be used as a location for Roon Database backups, so you will need to keep an external drive attached for that, or, backup across the network to another computer/nas.