Saving Music to iPhone

Sorry, newbie here. Roon is working fine with Tidal but I am looking for a way to load music onto my phone to listen at work. I can stream it at work but it eats up my data quickly. Does anyone know a way of doing this?

You can’t through roon, no mobile component.

Thanks for the quick reply. I can stop trying to find a way now. :slight_smile:

Too bad they don’t have something like Netflix where you can download and listen to it once or twice before it deletes. My work is mobile so I don’t have acess to wifi.

You can use your Tidal app to listen to music offline. Within the app, you can choose to download an album.

Found it. Thanks for the tip!

On Android UAPP can integrate Tidal and your local phone library into one whole. Maybe something like it exists on the iPhone.

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