Saving playlist when resetting Roon

I have to reset Roon and I’m told I’ll lose my playlists, is there any way I can copy or save them?

Do a roon backup then a restore on the new install.

Thanks ged-hickman1

I did a little more digging and I don’t think that will work, because my Roon is corrupted and have to instal a new program. If I then reinstall backup I reinstall corrupted program, do I understand this correctly.

When you say corrupted, was that a roon support diagnosis?

No it was my audio guy, he said that when we moved Roon from Linux to Windows it must have gotten corrupted, It was working fine on the Linux sever but got cliche on the Windows. Not playing next song, skipping over to next track, bar on bottom not moving and showing one song title while another is playing.

Hi Mike,

Do you still have access to the Linux machine and is the Roon database still on it? If so, you could back it up and then restore on the Windows machine.

Cheers, Greg

No longer have access.

Hello @mike_eastman,

How did you “move the database over” from Linux to Windows? Did you simply copy over the database folder or have you restored from a backup? The proper way to do this process is by following our Migration Guide. With that said though, can you please let me know what you have backed up? Is it just the database folder or do you have any older backups made from within Roon using the Backup feature?