SB screen font size adjustment

Hey. 1.3 rocks. Thanks so much.

I own 3 Squeezeboxes (actually 1 SB3, a Transporter, and 1 radio). I always loved the now playing screen and actually delayed subscribing to Roon because I did not want to lose that feature. As you can imagine, I was very glad to learn that 1.3 had enabled that function again.

I am, however, hoping for an additional tweak. The font for the now playing screen with roon is very small. So small that it is unreadable from the listening position. The Sb remotes allow changing and increasing the font size when running lMS. With Roon, however, there is no way to increase the font. I (and I know of others) would love you to facilitate increasing the font so the screens become more readable and functional.

Thanks so much. I love Roon SO much.

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I agree with you John. On my SB however the radio station or name of the band is displayed in large fonts, the title of the song in a very small font.

I would like to have equal or a larger, readable font for the title.

But, I am happy my old squeezebox is still alive end growing, thanks to roon