SB-Touch stops playing at the end of a track

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC 7i7BNH, 32GB, SSD 250GB, HD 1TB
Windows 10 Pro

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fritz!Box 7590
C1: Lynksys LGS124
QNAP TS-451D2 (Roon Music Library)
Meridian ID40
Meridian 218
Meridian 218
Meridian MS200
C2: Hirschmann MoCa 2x, TP-link switch
C3: INTEL (Roon Core)

Connected Audio Devices

All audio devices are wired connections (see above)

Number of Tracks in Library

22,000 tracks in my music library.

Description of Issue

I had my SB Touch connected through wifi. That went fine. But because of the idea that all audio devices should be wired connected I found a way for a wired connection through a set of Hirschmann MoCa. At first it went fine, but later the playing stops: (1) at the end of each track when playing an album, or (2) when I change the volume. When I look at the device in the list of devices I see it is still playing. When I move the progress bullet manually it plays again. When I restart the core the problem has gone for some time time, but is back some time later.
I have now a direct wired connection from the Fritz!Box to the SB Touch but the problem is still there. If I go back to a wifi connection the problem is also still there.
I have restarted my SB Touch many times including back to factory settings.
Now when I go to settings/setup and disable the Squeezebox support and directly enable it again the problem has gone for some time.
Do you have any suggestion what to do or to test next? @support

Pieter dVR

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