SBT vs Pi device?

okay, I’ve had a few of these

and now am browsing the web (always dangerous after a few pints) and am about to push a buy now on a second Raspberry Pi Hifibery digi+ when I think WAIT

Is there an advantage to replacing an SBT with a Pi solution or is it the dreaded demon drink doing the thinking for me?

Has anyone compared the sound quality of a RAAT Pi solution vs SBT. It certainly sounds better than airplay via airport express to a Naim UniQute but does this hold true against an SBT?


Can’t comment on SQ but one advantage of a RAAT endpoint compared to SBT is that it can be grouped with your first RAAT endpoint. That may not be important for your architecture.

Is O’Hara’s as good for me as Guinness ?

Oh Yes!


Touch has a built in display of course, but is limited on the USB output to 192k (if that matters to you).

With EDO installed on SBT it handles DSD via DoP too.

The SBT does have a screen+backlight and is probably doing a good bit more non-audio-related stuff in the background when compared to the RAAT-dedicated Pi. If predicting SQ based on product architecture, I’d lean towards the Pi as being the simpler/more minimal thing.

I suspect that the HiFiBerry Digi+ is a higher quality S/PDIF interface + clock than whatever Logitech specced on the SBT.