Scanning a NAS drive in Roon - does it add the files from the NAS to the computer's hard drive?

New to Roon. I’m in the process of scanning my Synology NAS, but Roon seems to be dumping files onto my hard drive from the NAS, which I don’t want, since the NAS is far bigger than my hard drive. Can someone reassure me that this won’t happen, or if it will happen, how to stop it and scan the NAS in a way that doesn’t transfer the files onto my computer’s hard drive?

First of all, welcome to ROON and the forum, and may the music be with you…

The knowledge base is your friend here, see excerpt:
“…Your files are left in the folder and won’t be copied or modified in any way…”

Hi Marin,

Thanks for the response. Turns out that something is increasing space on my computer hard drive. I have been monitoring the hard drive space left after the NAS has been read. I can only assume that Roon is taking up space on the hard drive from the data it is amassing around the NAS drive information.

JB Coleman

It will create an index/database on your local machine if that is where roon server is installed. The database can get quite large depending on how much music you have as it also stores metadata and analysis data etc there.

If in doubt, stop using Roon or stop using your own computer!

Think about it:
You want in-depth information about all aspects of your local and streamed music, it’s composers, artists, recording, mixing and mastering staff, producers, labels, and on and on?
You want that information presented in a snappy fashion after you click a button?
You want even more?

I have about 1000 albums with 12000 tracks, local and Qobuz, and the directory \Users…\AppData\Local on my windows core shows 4GB size, the data base within alone is 2.5GB.

I guess, that’s the price to pay for all that convenience.
And don’t forget, that you need more than a RaspberryPi to have that pulled off!


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Hi @James_Coleman,

The Roon database will definitely increase in size as you import content — The overall size will depend on how much media you have. How much space are you seeing being used?