Scanning continues forever

** Roon core Windows 10**
I recently added about 1,500 albums to the library. The process of adding and scanning audio files is complete.The circle in the upper right corner keeps turning. Scanning seems to stop at file 38915 and won’t go any further.I restarted the roon, the scan started much earlier, and stopped again on file 38915.
It’s been a few hours already. What is going on?

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The computer walked all night and in the morning there are 38,962 scanned files. Several hours for 47 files? Is it normal ?

3.5 hours later, stopped at 38962 …

hello Hiuston? we have a problem. Anyone here?
Yesterday I transferred the database to another disk. Everything went smoothly.Problemem jest dodawanie nowych albumów. I split the number of new albums added in half. I have added about 700. The sound files analysis is complete but the scanning is still in progress. It has been standing on 14120 file for several hours…Windows Resource Monitor shows no activity for roon. Neither in the processor, nor on the disk, nor on the network. What’s with this scanning for god’s sake … ???

You probably have a dodgy file somewhere maybe

Try rebooting the core pc

If that doesn’t fix it try restarting the entire system from cold, modem, router, core and end points …

Shut down , pull mains out , progressively restart each component waiting until complete before moving on.

There has been a Windows update, have you tried reinstalling the manufacturer video driver ?

There was some Windows update yesterday but the problem was both before and after the update. I have already started the core and the entire computer. You mean a suspicious file in your file data store? What does suspect mean?
Suspicious file or files? After all, after a few hours, the scanning goes a few more positions. After a few hours, it jumped from 14120 to 14125.
When I get home I will see how much it has skipped.

There is progress. After 10 hours it’s 14130 …

Go to Settings > Library > Skipped Files

See if there are any corrupt files, if there are copy them to somewhere else and delete them from the watched folder. And then go to Settings> Storage > 3 dots on the folder in question and Force Rescan to start the scan again

The last 2 Windows updates have caused driver problems, what video card do you have, make sure the video driver is the manufacturer original, not the Windows “imposed” one.

Have you restarted your network, that often helps

Flag @support as they are not aware yet

Hey @MrSalieri,

Thanks for reaching out when running into trouble importing your files - we’d love to help. Please, bear with us and one of our technicians will reach out as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone for the help and @Mike_O_Neill for tagging support :slightly_smiling_face:

On the official forum, in the category of support, support does not see the problems of its users?

At the moment, I have used all my ideas and lost all my nerves and the circle is still spinning …

I went all out today and added all the new music at once. I put it in the JAZZ folder and gave it to the roon magazine. I did it at 7am local time. 27,999 files were subjected to audio analysis. The analysis was completed at 21:00 local time.
Unfortunately, the scanning is still not finished.

At 7 a.m. there were 43,176 files, at 6:00 p.m. there were 43,270 files, at 19 and 21 p.m there were 43317 files.After finishing the analysis, I restarted the core and the computer.
I was greeted by a message that I had seen before.

The new version of roon you have installed requires a database update. This improves performance but may take a while. Be patient.

After restarting, we start scanning …

I don’t have any skipped files in the new added storage folder.

Will it ever end? @beka

Hey @MrSalieri,

It definitely feels a lot like it will never end, but I am confident we will get to the resolution. I know it’s been some time since you first reported this.

Your request is in our technicians’ queue and they will get back to you with actionable steps.

I wish I could do more from where I stand. Sit tight :pray:

The computer is working from yesterday from 21:00 to today 10 a.m. and I have 43177 files scanned, which is as many as yesterday after the end of the sound analysis.

Excerpt from the journal:

Parameter name: strInput
w System.Text.Normalization.Normalize(String strInput, NormalizationForm normForm)
w Sooloos.Storage.NormalizedComparer.GetHashCode(String s)
w System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary2.FindEntry(TKey key) w System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary2.TryGetValue(TKey key, TValue& value)
w Sooloos.Storage.DirectoryStorage._ScanDirectory(Boolean updatestatus, String scandirpath, Boolean recurse)
w Sooloos.Storage.DirectoryStorage.<>c__DisplayClass99_0.<_SpinWorkQueue>b__0()
03/18 23:14:23 Critical: [storage] [directory] Unhandled storage exception: System.ArgumentException: Invalid Unicode character code found at index 67.

Could this be the problem?

I have the same problem.

Hey @MrSalieri,

Thanks so much for your generosity in offering to help. It would be incredible if you could share what actually made it work - maybe on your own thread that’s still open in our queue?


@beka It would be nice if the support showed a little bit of interest in users’ problems.

Support threads are intended for single users to resolve their issues. Similar symptoms can have different causes and solutions.

I will move your post into its own thread so that Support can engage.

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I also have the spinning wheel, since I started my trial in November last year. Now lifetime subscriber. Didn’t know it was an issue until reading this and now other posts.

No skipped or corrupt files detected.

Will post new thread momentarily.


Hey @MrSalieri,

I appreciate you sharing how things look from where you stand - I am sorry that it seems like we don’t take interest in our users’ experiences. While it might feel that way, please know, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Unfortunately, as you may have seen on the community, we’re facing an unprecedented number of requests and our team is still small and, even though we’re working thorough them as fast as we can, we’re still not where we’d like to be. But, we are headed there.

Please, give us a bit of your patience :angel: