Scanning for new library items "on startup"... of what? The NUC? Or Roon on any controller?

Hi, just wanting to clarify that entry in the instructions. I don’t really want Roon to check every few hours for new music. I will always be aware if new music has been added, since it will probably always be me that adds it. It seems simplest to do that and then to restart Roon every time. Is that what ‘on startup’ means? Or is it on startup of ROCK or Roon Core?

It means startup of the Roon Core which is ROCK.

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There is an even easier way to force a look for new music. Go to Settings>Storage and look for the storage location. To the right are three stacked buttons. Click on those and select Force Rescan. That will rescan your library for new music. There is no need to restart Roon.
A very nice thing about running Roon using ROCK is that it can run for a long time with no attention needed.

I would add that rescan is needed if you use a computer setup that doesn’t provide automatic notification to Roon. On a “normal” computer system, with internal drives or USB drives, new music is automatically discovered. Scanning is most often required when you use a NAS.

I have never scanned for music, ever since I got Roon. I copy music to Roon’s drive over the network, and then I look in Roon and it’s there, immediately.

Thank you, all three replies are helpful to me. Great that you can force a rescan - just what I was looking for. Anders I’m wondering whether that would be one reason to have an SSD just for the music (in addition and separate from the SSD that hosts ROCK) that is actually in the NUC. Then the workflow would be to buy and download music to laptop, and copy to both SSD and NAS. Or could one step be automated?

There are several dimensions to this, depending how far you want to get into it.
I put a 1TB SSD in my NUC. Things are a bit snappier in terms of response and that drive is scanned constantly. Music-wise, there is no sonic difference.
You also need to consider your backup strategy. A good solution is to have the SSD in the NUC backed up to the NAS (keeping a shadow image is not a backup). Occasionally back up the SSD to another source, with offsite preferred. I backup my SSD to a separate USB drive I keep offsite, but you can back up using a storage service like BackBlaze. You should also backup Roon regularly, and this can be done to a NAS (depending on your NAS and it’s capabilities), or to a PC.
There are pros and cons to have the music on a USB drive plugged into the NUC (portability, easy to transfer).
My workflow is rip to my PC and tag with MP3tag, then move to the SSD in the NUC. I also keep entirely separate copies of my music on my NAS that I manage with JRiver. This is totally separate from the backup. There are a number of reasons I still use JRiver, as it’s functions complement what Roon lacks.
No real need to rush in. But even if you do, things will evolve as your habits do. Most important is to enjoy the music!

And have it backed up at least somewhere :slight_smile:

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Yes, I put a SSD inside the Nucleus.
Works great,