Schedule a Queue

It would be nice to have the ability to schedule a queue.
I would like to be able to build up to (X number) queues, or, temporary playlists, and schedule them to start playing in a specific zone, at a specific time.
Or mayebe not automatically playing but triggering an alert: “it’s time for your scheduled queue to play on ZoneX, do you want to go ahead? Yes- No”.

An alarm function Where you can play a playlist (Roon, Tidal, qobus) or radio station…
Like Sonos.

Depending on your enthusiasm for tinkering with external code / extension you might be able to setup something similar to what you want using the Roon Alarm Clock extension.

Another option, which will almost certainly provide you with the functionality you need, but will likely require more setup / work is Home Assistant running somewhere on your network (NAS, Roon Core, raspberry PI) with the Roon Integration installed. Then just setup an automation to trigger a playlist within Roon at a particular time.

Obviously you may just be asking for this as a feature in Roon itself, which is fair enough, just pointing out some ‘stop gap’ solutions you might want to try in the short term.

Thanks. I tinker alright :slight_smile: Already have Roon integrated with HA and using it for other things, that’s for sure an option.
The Alarm Clock extension sounds interesting, thanks I’ll definitely give it a try!

So basically we already have options to trigger playlists, and that’s nice. It would be cool to have ‘queues’ or a temporary playlist. So once has been played, it’s gone.

You could also use my new extension macro.on. Beside alarms, it comes with further automation possibilities. Have a look at it!