Schedule to support for dCS endpoints? [solved -- they shipped]

I see dCS is listed as a partner and assume Vivaldi will become a supported endpoint at some stage. Any indication on timing?

We just started our relationship with dCS. No timeline yet, but we will move aggressively together.

Hopping this as well…I only see this possible now with Vivaldi upsampler (via upgrade) and the new Rossini which has ethernet integrated. Any update since may?

Got a return from dCS about this issue and they said that they are working in a solution — no detail tough — for the second quarter of the next year.

dCS co-developed their network streaming platform with a third party development house.

We are working with the co-developer to implement Roon Ready, and dCS are actively doing what they can on their end to move things along, but the co-developer also has a schedule that we need to work around and we can’t give a definite time for completion.

By the way, this is a platform that is becoming widely used in the industry and will unlock Roon Ready development for a number of partners, which should make many people happy.

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In October new Network Bridge:
Also the Rossini DAC and Player ROON Ready.

Any timetable for the dCS Vivaldi upsampler to become Roon Ready?

@danny as this stuff is now getting mentioned online, perhaps time for a dCS RoonReady section?

When it’s ready! :wink:

When you have already a Vivaldi upsampler you need a new network board.
All new Upsamplers have this new board already.
The new name is Vivaldi Upsampler Plus.
Also in october Roon Ready.

I have the new network board. What is the source of the “October Roon Ready” information please?

The Dutch distributor of dCS.
I am the webdesigner of the website.
The new Network Bridge has the same board as the Vivaldi.

Thank you.


Last news:
Shipping of the the RoonReady dCS Network Bridge +/- Dec 2016.