Scheduled Backup Not Found

At least I think that’s what’s happening. I’m being a bit paranoid, since I moved over to a nuc7i5 on ROCK with internal storage of my core library and a 4TB external USB HDD connected to the nuc.

Today is May 8. I set up Roon’s backup feature to backup automatically every 5 days. This morning I checked to see whether it had done the backup and was pleased (see below). “Last successful backup at 1:03:25” That’s this morning at 1:03AM.

But then I noticed the Backup Status on the Backups main page. It says “Last successful backup 30 April”

So I looked to see if last night’s backup was completed using “Search for backups”. I went to the exact same file path designated in the “Schedule Backups” selection. It shows the most recent backup is on 30 April.

I checked the file path twice to make sure I hadn’t inadvertently created another folder somewhere, but it looks good.

What gives? Any ideas?

Hi @robert_vanarsdall,

If you try creating a manual backup, does that show up properly in the backup manager listing?

Norris -

Yes. Just did manual backup and it shows up as completed (below)

And to check, here is the manual backup path:

So the manual backup works and shows up in “Find Backups”, but the “Scheduled Backup” says it worked, but doesn’t show up in the “Roon Backups” folder.

Hi Robert,

I noticed that you also have more than 5 backups as well.

I see in your very first screenshot, you backup to:
ROCK > Backup Plus > Roon Backup
So, your backups are going to the Roon Backup folder.

However, the Status shows:
ROCK > Backup Plus > Roon Backup > RoonBackups

So, it does looks like there’s another folder. Can you click Browse next to Find Backups and navigate to each of these folders and then click Select This Folder.

Can you post screenshots of both the results?

Cheers, Greg

Greg -

What you noticed is a mistake I made when I set up the backup path initially. Roon apparently creates its own backup folder named “Roon Backups” within whatever directory you designate. Not knowing that, I called the directory “Roon Backup” - singular, not plural. Should have named the directory anything but that.

At any rate, I noticed that there is the folder-within-a-folder problem and checked them both. Neither one has the scheduled backup that says it was completed.

Here are the screens:
This shows the path to the top directory named “Roon Backup”

This shows the existence of the “RoonBackups” folder within the “Roon Backup” directory, but also shows some backup files.

This screen shows a backup file search of the top directory “Roon Backup”. Note that there is the manual backup performed May 8 @ 21:18:29, but none of the scheduled backups.

This screen shows the choice of the file path to the folder “RoonBackups” within the “Roon Backup” directory.

And finally, this screen shows the backup files within the “RoonBackups” folder. They are the same as the files shown in the directory. None of the scheduled backups are shown, and as you noted, more than 5 backups are kept.

I could easily move the contents of the “RoonBackups” file up one level, just underneath the directory, to clear up this confusion. But the mystery of the missing scheduled backups still remains.

I can see scheduled backups not working somehow, if the file path was corrupted or a disk was unavailable, but to have it say the backup was completed successfully and then be unsearchable is another problem altogether.

I think I may have found one problem, though no explanation.

I decided to simplify the file path and consolidate. To that end, in the directory “Roon Backup” shown in the first screen shot, I deleted the two files that existed at the same level as the folder “RoonBackups”. I then cut and pasted the folder “RoonBackups” to the same level as the directory “Roon Backup”, leaving it empty. Then I deleted the empty directory “Roon Backup”.

This left a simpler file path, showing the folder “RoonBackups” at the top level.

I performed a manual backup using “Backup Now”, where I designated only the folder “Backup Plus” since Roon says it creates the folder “RoonBackups”. The manual backup completed successfully.

So, now the test is whether the scheduled backup is in the same place. I went to scheduled backups and once again only designated the folder “Backup Plus”, thinking that the scheduled backup should be able to find the RoonBackups folder. When I selected “Force Backup” from within scheduled backups, Roon began constructing a backup at the top level in the directory, i.e. outside the RoonBackups folder.

I deleted those files, then returned to “Scheduled Backups” and designated the RoonBackups folder as the file to backup to. Then I selected Force Backup. Roon not only completed the backup, but also deleted prior backups successfully.

So - what have I learned?

  1. Roon will construct the folder “RoonBackups” at the top level of a directory. A user doesn’t have to create a folder to put it into.
  2. When using “Scheduled Backups” the user should select the “RoonBackups” folder previously created by Roon, or the “Scheduled Backups” utility will create backup files at the same level as the RoonBackups folder. Said another way: the Scheduled Backup utility will not create the RoonBackups folder itself.

Once the Roon Backup utility is pointed at the right folder, it works fine.

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