Scheduled backup triggers a restart on my Rock machine

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Rock / i7 / 16GB

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I set up a scheduled backup. The 1st time (i.e. fullbackup) worked at the scheduled hour. The 2nd and all subsequent scheduled backups trigger a restart of my Rock server and no backups (i.e. incremental backups) occur. This symptom is occurring since I upgraded to 864 beta. Now I am on 884.

It would be helpful for Support if we could get a few more details of your system
700K tracks is HUGE!, That would put you in the top 1% for sure.
You might be running out of RAM etc.
Without some more basic system details it will be hard to progress further.

Hi TheHammer,

Nice to meet you. Roon has been very stable and snappy since I moved away from IOS platform. Windows with current hw, Rock with current hw have been nothing short of stellar performers. Full backup takes about an hour even with 700k track. Each incremental backup takes about 15min. Rock OS and roonserver can run indefinitely without a reboot, usually in months. Since I migrated to Rock, there is no easy way for me to find out system usage metrics. If I can login to the Rock machine, I can find out more but roon does not allow that. My CPU is of 3.xGhz w/ 4 cores. Music as well as backup copies are stored in an external NAS. Network is all 1G. Yes, concern for my backups is huge. It contains all my labor work and compromising it will ruin my “roon” life. It will be the day when I find out I cannot restore from a backup copy. Then, I will fall back to record playing. Enjoy your roon life! Cheers!!

Hi @shinyc,

I looked into your Roon Core’s diagnostics and it looks like you are running out of RAM during backup. With 730k tracks, 16GB will be right on the edge, and some small change in recent builds pushed you over the line.

Any chance you can upgrade to 32GB? It should fix this problem and also make the system generally more stable and faster, especially with such a massive library.

Hi @brian ,

Thank you for personally taking a look into the diagnostics. Time to ditch the 16GB and find out the cost of the inevitable upgrade. BTW, the last night’s incremental backup was successful. I will let you know if the upgrade enables more stable backup operation.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

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