Scheduled restart of roon server

Here is a trivial powershell script that stops/starts (restart) roon server on windows machines. I need to do this daily because roon goes south running more then 24 hours, generating system loads of up to >90 percent.

Just these two lines:

Stop-Process -Name “RoonServer”
Start-Process -Filepath “-yourpath-\RoonServer”

Everyone who wants to use this needs to replace -yourpath- with the actual path to RoonServer.exe

For scheduled restarts use this and Windows Task Scheduler

I have scheduled this to run once a day a 8.00am, so roon is ready for the whole day.

This is a workaround, not a cure. Nor does it replace an analysis of what ist going on.

Restart with large library takes less than five minutes before the system is ready to access qobuz and play a tune.

I am not sure if daily restarts do interfere with roon housekeeping.

Is a five minute restart of Roon common place on Windows? I’m not a Windows guy but that seems to be incredibly long, I’ve never seen Roon take more than a few seconds to be ready to play again. I’m not trying to come across as anti-Windows or anything, I’m mentioning this because it might be an indicator of something being wrong with your installation.

@Robem LARGE library. I’m just fine with it. Also, it’s more like three minutes…

I agree there is something wrong, but this is a solution until roon support starts to care.

I have a somewhat large library too, just over 10,000 local albums with 150,000 files. It only takes a few seconds to restart Roon.

Yes @Robem, this is “somewhat” large. I see that you are not in need of frequent automated restarts.

We shutdown our Roon server whenever we’re not listening to music any more, like when done for the day, leaving the house, or overnight.
Never noticed any problems with Roon’s housekeeping in over three years, but my library is comparatively tiny, like 10% of @Robem’s…

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