Scheduled updates

Joachim Herbert

roon should allow for scheduled updates, so it would download the update and install at a user specified time (e.g. 3.00 am). roon most of the time requests an update when I want to listen to music.

In addition there should be a reliable restart of roon after the update. More often than not an update is installed but roon is not restarted. Which means database updates etc. cause downtime.

roon can handle this, as shown in scheduled backups.

Most Roon updates take literally a couple of minutes, and you don’t have to do it immediately it will continue to remind you until you do.

Why add more complexity that can break?

In my case I shut down overnight anyway


3:00 in which time zone? Your 3AM might be my 3PM. Plus maybe I listen at 3AM. Updates really don’t happen very often. Do we really need to change this? I for one don’t care what time Roon pushes out an update so I vote NO.

Your local time zone of course, on whatever machine you’re running the Roon Core.

<rant>Personally it’s not something that would be at the top of my feature request list. But there seems to be an awful lot of unhelpful knee-jerk / gatekeeping on feature requests of late. ‘I wouldn’t use it’, ‘you can already do this in some convoluted way’, ‘I don’t see why you’d need to do that’. Surely if someone has raised it as a feature request it’s a valid request…at least to them? If the request gets traction with others it might get voted on or Roon might decide to act on it because they see it as a useful feature — the majority of their users aren’t active on this forum, if not well so be it, no one has lost out. No need to put pour cold water and scorn on every idea the second it gets posted. It’s not a totally zero sum game, Roon can always hire more developers</rant over>

I’d image you’d set Roon to update at a given time in the settings if you wanted to enable it, most likely in the middle of the night when you won’t be listening to music and if you haven’t already installed an new/awaiting update at that point your Roon Core downloads it, installs it and restarts itself. It’s hardly a niche feature, it’s how must software products nowadays handle automatic updates.

The one gotcha might be situation where the Core requires the Client to be updated as well to function correctly, but that’s easily resolved with some kind of ‘do not automatically update’ flag on the release.


Your local time, of course. And your Computer knows your local time.

Fully agree. Client updates take a one or two minutes, so no problem there.

Depends on the size of your library. My system (driven by an Intel xeon cpu with loads of memory) takes 30 to 40 minutes to settle after an update.

Not sure what you mean by complexity. Scheduling a task does not add complexity. Also, the routines to do this are already there in scheduled backups.


If that is the case then why ask for votes? When you open this up to asking for people to vote you can’t complain when someone votes no. Sorry.

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To allow other users to use one of their limited 5 votes to express an interest in a feature. There’s a reason there’s no corresponding down vote button.

If you’re not interested in a feature or it doesn’t appeal to your needs move on, comment or vote on the features you would like to see. Otherwise it’s just pointless gate keeping / noise. As I said it doesn’t need to be a zero sum game.


I’m afraid I don’t agree. If there’s a feature suggestion then I think it’s reasonable for “for and against” arguments to be offered. This helps to inform the casting of votes. Unfortunately, though, your initial post has somewhat derailed the thread. :wink:

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Why should your system take so long to stabilise after an update.

The one this week took 2-3 minutes and I was back playing music. What is there to stabilise . Roon installs and restarts.

How big is your library ? AFAIK Roon loads the db to memory so the bigger the longer , mine is approx 130k tracks . I timed ROCK at 2 mins up and running

By complexity I mean anything that’s not essential that can be a point of failure, I appreciate the scheduling logic is there. If the scheduling had an issue it would be something else to moan about

Just my 2p …

Roon does not load the entire DB into memory, and they have said so. That wouldn’t work at all for people with large libraries. My DB, for example, is ~36GB, and I’m running a machine with 16GB of RAM.

Core updates can easily take 15 minutes when a DB update is required and one has a large library. That pokes a big hole in your listening time.

I wasn’t too sure , then what does load mine in windows was around 5gb in memory, I assume it must load a library of links of some description.

Is it not true though that the bigger the library the more is loaded

Personally I have never seen a core update take anything more than few minutes. Maybe I set it going and brew tea , I always do it when I restart in a morning maybe my process is abnormal

If you could set the time of update, it would be your time zone, which seems obvious. I think you’re just being argumentative.


I have turned off all automatic updates. I want to watch while the update happens in case there is a problem of some sort.


I wasn’t being argumentative. I was pointing out that just because 3:00AM was convenient for him doesn’t mean it was convenient for all.

Mike the time varies from system to system due to different hardware and infrastructure, it might be 2mins for you lucky you it’s not for others why is is it so hard for you to see others views here Roon isn’t the same for everyone. Some use networked storage, some local M2, some local SSD, some local HDD, some Local USB SSD, some USB HDD. Not one will perform the same as the other, all the different os used, CPUs and os latencies . It’s also different each update. Some that have updates to the database performance etc tend to take longer, others don’t. When it’s a big change it can take 10 minutes for me or more to just update the database.

To me this is a valid feature request won’t get my vote as I have none left sorry.


Come on now. If you schedule your Windows updates for 3 AM, do I have a choice when I schedule mine? I thought I did.


I prefer to apply the update when I get the update email. I like to watch it happen in case something goes wrong. Having it automated would not be my preference. That’s all I have been trying to say. Apparently a few people have taken exception to that as is their right. As it is my right to say what I said. If that offends some people then so be it. A voting message appeared. I voted no to that. The fact that people had a problem with my post will not cause me to lose any sleep tonight.

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