Schiit Audio: The Real Schiit

Hi Everyone,

I can’t stress enough how important it is to receive quality customer support from purveyors of audiophile gear. Recently, I received utterly outstanding care from Schiit Audio staff members: shout out to Will in the Schiitr in California and Denise also in CA. What did I purchase: MAGNI 3+/MODI 3+ stack.
Build Quality 10
Design 8.5 (The switches on the MAGNI 3+ are on the rear of the amp)
Since sound is such a personal experience, it’s hard to assert that what I hear you’ll enjoy hearing too. For me, this Schiit lifted the music. All recordings were clear, tonally balanced. Horns are bright (not blaring), winds have excellent tonality and strings are clean and airy. Simply put, listening to music through this “budget” DAC/AMP combo is a joy! The amp has power to spare. It drove my LCD XCs easily. In fact, I didn’t need to exceed 12 o’ clock on the volume dial to experience all the detail and stage those cans offer. I can’t say this product is for any of you, but what I will say is this company is top-notch all-around.