Schiit Bifrost II DAC Relay noise between songs (on Roon)

I’m a fairly recent convert to Roon. First I installed the CORE on a dedicated NUC i7. Ran like this a while with good results. Then I installed a second NUC, an i5 this time, to act as a bridge. I installed the bridge software on it. Works great and my network seems more stable in this method. Allowed me to move my core to the location of the router and hook it up with a short cable. My bridge is operating wirelessly for now.

What I am experiencing, and it doesn’t happen every time but almost, is a relay click as the Bifrost II senses no signal and turns off between songs. I don’t believe I heard this until I installed the bridge. Schiit’s website says this is “normal” but I would like to avoid it if possible. I don’t get it between songs when listening to a CD.

Any suggestions? thanks, Jerry

The Bifrost 2 has a hard relay switch between different sample rates and bit depths.

The only way to get rid of this would be to sample everything to the same rate/bit depth.

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Bevan court, thanks. that makes more sense. I also believe I had some setting different in Roon at the beginning which I haven’t checked yet but may have been “upsampling” or something like that to make the DAC think it was all the same. thanks, Jerry

Enjoy the Bifrost…I love mine