Schiit Bitfrost multibit with Gen 5 USB

I am thinking about buying a Bitfrost multibit with the new Gen 5 USB board, anyone have any feedback on that DAC? How does it sound compared to for example iFi Micro Black label, which has the same price (but more features)?

One question also: does anyone know if Bitfrost multibit support volume over USB, so you can use “Use device control” volume setting in Roon and change volume from Roon? I know that for example Chord Mojo does not support that.

I’ve owned a Bifrost multibit for quite a while, it’s on its way back from Schiit after the Gen 5 upgrade. It sounds very good for the price, but it does not support external volume control.

Different Schiit DAC but might be relevant given the reports on USB Gen 5 board.

Yea, I read that, don’t know if a solution was found. However, I connect my dac directly to powered speakers, so without a proper volume control that Roon can use (without using DSP volume), I can’t use Schiit DACs anyway, at least not without a preamp.