Schiit Gungnir not working with Ultra Rendu

After fighting with this for a while, trying to determine why no audio devices appeared, and trying various methods to connect the pieces, it appears my Schiit Gungnir will not communicate with my ultra rendu ( or any other rendu). Today, I finally switched the DAC with a Schiit Modi and voila, instant communication and music. When I switched back, same issue, moved to Modi, music again. The problem seems intermittent as sometimes the gungnir would work. So, I am at a loss, do I have a bad piece of equipment of am I not using the right codes. Ant help would be really appreciated. Thank you.

I’ve had issues with schitt usb failing.

The Gungnir has had various revisions of USB, what one are you on?

And, as Rugby said, it might be failing. Have you tried it on your computer or something besides the Rendu? Also, some of the fancier USB cables are not actually with spec and can cause gear to throw a fit. Try a more generic cable and see if that makes any difference.

But, ultimately, may be worth an e-mail to Schiit