Schubert Quintet by Stern / Schneider / Katnis / Casals / Tortelier

I have the CD version of this that I cannot get Roon to identify.

It has the vinyl release on its database but similar to the Mahler / Inbal issue I can’t get Roon to identify the CD properly.

The CD release is on MusicBrainz: and has been there since 2017.

My track timings correlate with those of MusicBrainz apart from one track a second out. I’ve added the names of the composer and other performers to the search to no avail.

Any thoughts welcome.

@dpstjp Cc: @dylan It’s this one (different cover).


Great find, @joel. No wonder I couldn’t find it! Various artists make searching for classical works recorded umpteen times a real nightmare.

Thank you.

I’ve added the correct artwork to MusicBrainz which hopefully will feed through.

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